Jess Powers

Jess Powers

Writer, researcher, speaker.

Food & drink, Food politics, Food waste, Nonprofits, Health & wellness, Social justice, Poverty, Outdoors & nature, Environment, Waste management, Disaster response, Politics, Grants, Civil rights.

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Backpack Programs Provide Extra Help for Families in Idaho

Backpack programs, child hunger, poverty, food banks, red states.

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The Indypendent

Chicken Farmers Join the Gig Economy

Industrial agriculture, chicken farmers, food workers, gig economy, economic justice.

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The Indypendent

School for Struggle

Film, anti-war movement, social movements, activism.

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New Allies Help Summer Meal Programs in California

Summer meals, school breakfast, food banks, poverty, law enforcement, child hunger.

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Food and Community Building: Organizing with Homeless People in Rural Washington

Social and economic justice, organizing, poverty, progressive, homelessness, addiction, politics.

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When Your Bartenders Should Wait Tables | Tales of the Cocktail

Blog post on cross-training bartenders with other service roles for trade publication.

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Comestible Journal — Protest Fuel: The Revolution Must Be Fed

Recipe and short piece about social movement spaces in Spain for zine about resistance to the Trump administration.

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Food Boycotts, Buycotts, and Brand Busting in the Trump Era | Civil ...

Examination of food boycotts after the presidential election and impact on business.

Blog content

Dozens of blog posts for search engine optimization content provider on marketing and business, technology, and health and wellness.

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Just Opened New York, Everything new in New York City

Marketing announcement of new farm to table restaurant opening.

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Around the World in 8 Holiday Drinks

Round up of 8 holiday cocktails, with brief histories, flavor profiles, and recipes.

Open uri20170827 20229 1ibai9j?1503854474

Just Opened New York

Marketing announcement of new healthy food restaurant opening.

Open uri20170827 20096 vv0him?1503851988

How — and Why — 3 Bartenders Chose to Give Up Alcohol | Tales of the Cocktail

Story about bartenders who are also sober, with tips on wellness for those in the trade.

Open uri20170827 23636 1p9sza6?1503851988

No Piece of the Pie: US Food Workers in 2016

Interviewing, writing, and copy editing assistance on report about workers in the food system.

Open uri20170827 20124 1k6w6bk?1503844201

The Pleasures And Perils Of Mushroom Foraging In New York

Story about the New York Mycological Society, mushroom foraging in city parks, and the characters in the club.